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Stinger Pest Solutions offers everything and more! Our unique business offers extraordinary customer service, environmentally friendly products and a reputation for excellence. It’s no wonder we’re a leader in the Roswell area’s pest control industry. A different beginning has made for an exceptional result. One of the owners went into business with her brother and her husband in 2003. Her brother had the pest control background. She and her husband came from a customer service background. So, they came into the business from a standpoint of service to customers and 100% satisfaction. The husband has a background in process improvement and quality control. So, he was familiar with procedures assuring performed service meets a wide variety of customer needs. One way we provide excellent customer service is through our free assessments. Whether your problem is mosquitos, termites, or rodents, a certified exterminator will examine your home or establishment for free. We will then report to you the type of pests, means of entrance and severity of the issue. We also offer a complimentary consultation in which we tell you our suggested treatment options for extermination and prevention, as well as give you a reasonable estimate to do the job. Another way we provide top-notch customer service is through our guarantees. We guarantee a decrease in your mosquito population when treatments are done every three weeks. For termite control, we treat termites yearly. If termites return to your home or business within the year we will come back at no cost to you. For rodent control, we offer three extensive treatments. Following that, you can get an extended warranty. With it, if you get any rodents within a year, our exterminator will return at no charge, completing any repair work needed. In addition, we offer bundling of services when beneficial to our customers. We try to make things as economical as possible. If clients need us to perform two or more services at the same time, we can offer packages. Depending on services needed, we can offer a combination of mosquito control, termite inspection/ termite control, pest control and rodent control at a reduced rate. Another advantage of doing business with us is we offer green pest management. We are using organic products and finding other solutions to keep pests out of people’s homes and places of work besides applying pesticides. In fact, we were one of the initial companies in the area to offer organic pest control services because we recognized it was something people were interested in. People would ask about our products and how they would impact children and pets, so we investigated some options and established a program called Stinger Eco-Green. Our products are very high quality. We use only the highest quality. Plus, even when using natural products, we apply them as conservatively as possible. Stinger Pest Solutions has also formed a reputation for quality. We were rated as one of the top three companies by Reliable & Verified Reports Inc., Home Advisor, and Five Star Rated by Home Services Review. We’ve had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since we’ve had the company. So, we’re highly suggested by other sources. We’re known for going out of the way to give good service. Then, if there is a situation going on, we’re known to resolve it. Ask anyone who’s used our services. With Stinger Pest Solutions you can’t go wrong! Call us today! Our customer service, green products, and reputation are more than would typically be expected from a pest control service.

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